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Tirumala Divya Darshan Guide (By Walk)

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132 Responses

  1. Sheshagiri J.v says:

    Can I have free darshan on 24th November 2018 if we come by walk

  2. Srinivas says:

    How much time to takes in walk darsharam for today
    Please help me.

  3. Padmavathiundela says:

    We came from srivari mettu but not get divya darshana tickets.Now how can I get it…

  4. Padmavathiundela says:

    Please notify me as fast as you can

  5. Jagadish says:

    I want to visit Thirumala by walk, if I am given Divya Darshan ticket, do we have enough time to go for accommodation , tonsure head take bath and then present at Vaikuntam queue for Darshan. How much time period will be given for Divya Darshan after getting Divya Darshan ticket.

  6. Archana Satheesh Kumar says:

    Hi, I have a plan to visit on Tirumala by walk on 29/09/2018 night, can I get dharshan on 30/09/2018

  7. Sravani says:

    May I know how much time it will take if we go by free dhradhanam today..we are in line,just now started.. please let me know

  8. Gokulakrishnan says:

    Respected Sir, shall we get Divya dharsan on September 27 if We come through Srivari Mettu, since we heard that crowd’s are more so there may be cancellation of Divya dharsan. Please advise how long will it take.

    Kindly assist.

    Thank you,

  9. Arjun says:

    Sir,How is the rush today in TIRUMALA?
    I mean does Divya darshan tokens are all allowed to piligrims.
    How will be the crowd tomorrow?
    Is there any chance of Cancelling Divya darshan tokens?
    Thanks in Advance!

  10. Shivom Oza says:

    How many extra Tirumala laddoos can a person get? I need 12 laddoos. Is it possible to get those many?

  11. Jyotsna says:

    Hi Sir,

    we are planning to go via Srivaari mettu on sunday morning.
    Just wanted to know if Divya darshan would be available to us?
    Any update about the crowd right now in tirupati as it is a long weeknd?
    Thanks in Advance

  12. Sreekanth says:

    Current status for walk darsanam

  13. sivakumar C S says:

    Hello 29.09.18 shall I get the divya darsan ticket. Srivarimettu

  14. JAYAVEL says:

    Can take holy bath in swami pushkarni tomorrow sir?

  15. Prabakaran says:

    Today and tomorrow divya darshan available or cancelled. Pl inform how many people allowed in this darshan. If any documents needed for this divya darshan

  16. Suman Murugesan says:

    For how many days Divya darshan will be not cancelled?
    Planning to visit on 3rd.

  17. Meenakshi says:

    How much we will wait for 300 Rs dharshan for 2 October 2018 at 2pm

  18. Srikanth says:

    Hello Sir, How much time it well take tomorrow if I reach by Srivari Mettu for Divya Darshan.

  19. Dr. Karunakara. N says:

    I am reaching Tirumala on Oct. 3rd at 12:30 hrs. Can we get Divvya Darshanam on the same day if we walk along the steps ? Kindly reply

  20. Varaprasad says:

    Hello we are planning to come to Tirumala on 4th of this month . Through Alipiri how much time it takes to Divya darshanam

  21. Balamurugan says:

    Sir what will be the approx, time spent in divya dharshan line in puratasi month, as i planning for 11th october.

  22. srinivasa says:

    Is there any spcl pooja on nxt sunday and monday

  23. Rangarajan says:

    what will be the approximate time for darshan in divya darshan line tomorrow (5-oct-18)

  24. P.Praveen Kumar says:

    Hello sir is Divya darshan available on 7th October 2018

  25. Uday Kumar says:

    Hi ,
    what is the estimated time for dharsan on 5th and 6th octoner 2018 and also is divya dharsan available in these days

  26. Ravikumar says:

    20th October 2018, divya darsanam tickets are available or not

  27. Bharani says:

    How long it will take for divya darshan tomorrow(9th October)?

  28. Rajesh says:

    Hello sir, we have booked Rs: 300 tickets for 11 Oct Darshanam. So how long will it take for Darshanam. And is there any private cottage or rooms available for stay in Tirumala.

  29. saju says:

    Hi We are planing to come Tirupati on October 13 Morning. Can we get 300 Rs ticket on the same day if not how much time it will take to see Darshan in Free Darshanam.

    • TTD Online says:

      Hello, Over Counter tickets availability depends on the crowd. Sarva Darshan take 10-12 hours approximately. Thanks

  30. Srinivas says:

    Sir 12 Oct status of Divya dharshan timing

  31. Divya says:

    We are planning to go for Divya Darshan on 13th Oct. How much time it takes approximately?

  32. Magesh kumar says:

    Sir/Madam, I am planning for Divya darshan in the last 2 weeks of October 2018. Is there any chance for Divya darshan cancellation?

  33. Hema says:

    How long it will take for divya darshan tomorrow(9th October)?

  34. Lakshminarayanan says:


    I’m planning to start walking by 4.30 Am on October 15, 2018. Will I be able to get Divya dharsan ticket . What if proof I need to take.

  35. Shubham says:

    Hello Sir/madam
    We are planning to come to tirupati on 17/10/2018 morning.
    How much time will it take in divya darshan (by walk) & Sarva darshan respectively.
    Also which time of the day crowds are less??

  36. Ramesh says:

    Howmuch time it take for tomorrow’s Dharshan.

  37. Ramesh says:

    Howmich time for sarva Dharshan tomorrow

  38. Gopinath says:

    I planned to visit tirumala by today (19/10/2018)
    Our plan is to reach tirumala through alipiri
    What will be the approximate waiting time we can expect for 20/10/2018

  39. Prabhu says:

    What is the approx duration time for darshan tomorrow

  40. N. Vasu devan says:

    How much it will take for Rs.300/-. darshan on 22nd october 2018 ?. My allotted slot is noon 1pm…

  41. Phani says:

    How much rush expected during Sankranthi festival ,as per the previous years trends?

  42. Ankitha says:

    If i start tommrow early morning to climb how much time does it take to finsh climbing the stepd and are the tickets available for tommrow…?

  43. Madhuri says:

    On 27 of tis month divya darshanam is there or not

  44. gnaneswar says:

    Sir we are coming to tirumala by train on this Friday how can we get time slot darshan tickets .And where it is available near railway station and plz tell me the ticket issuing timings

  45. Jayaram says:

    We r planning to TTD on sat I.e27-10-18
    How will the crowd be and is Divya darshan token available

  46. Sagar Lingareddy says:

    i am planning to go for Divya Darshan tomorrow from srivari mettu
    From What time in the morning we allowed to walk from srivari mettu and is divya darshan available for tomorrow
    Waht is the current crowd status and timing for dharshan

  47. Vijay says:

    I will walk by 5am of 28.10.18 and reach by 9-10am.
    Shall I catch night 9pm train after getting divya darshan tickets?
    I don’t have special darshan tickets. Please advise. Will they issue divya darsan tickets at 7-8am for the same day?

  48. Mageshkumar says:

    We are planning for Divya darshan tomorrow morning. Can we climb 7 hills tonight? How much time it will take for darshan?

  49. Manohar says:

    We are planning for divya darshan at Saturday evening how much take time to darashan

  50. Teja Reddy says:

    Hii Am started to Come Tirupathi by 3 am or 4am i can reach there
    How much time it ll take to Divya darshanam beacuse for the next i have to reach back again
    Foot steps

  51. Rajamani says:

    Whether Divya Darshan tickets counte available 24 hrs. As we were planning to come today.

  52. Rajkumar says:

    What is the expected time for darshan for the pilgrims who came by steps today
    Alloted time for darshan is 8 pm

  53. Rajasekhar says:

    Do we have divya darshan available on coming Wednesday i.e., 07/11/2018

  54. Bhaskarareddy.DV says:

    we were planing to come divya darshan on 7/11/18 ie wednesday, its Deepavali festival day its avilable divya darshan tickets for darshanam. how much crowed today pls help me. we dont get rs 300 tickets.

  55. RaviChander says:

    Hi we are planning for Divya dharshan on Nov 9 th evening. Is the free dharshan available on that date. Also kindly confirm the waiting hours approx on that Day( dharshan) Will be on 10th of Nov

  56. Srinivasan V says:

    Hi, we are planning to visit tirumala on 12th Nov by divya darshan as we expect the crowd to be less on Monday, what is the expected time taken for darshan during this date.

  57. Nagarjuna says:

    Can I get Divya darshan tickets on 10/11 Saturday ?

  58. RaviChander says:

    Hi we are walking today late evening Nov 9th thru Alipiri. How long it will take to have Divya dharshan if we reach Kali gopuram by 12midnight.
    If we have 6 hours time can we join the queue before 2 hours from the timing allowed to us or can we join the queue during the alloted timings old confirm

  59. சிவா says:

    வணக்கம் திருப்பதி பஸ் நிலையத்தில் திவ்ய தரிசனம் டிக்கெட் புக் ெசெய்யும நேரத்தை தெரியப்படுத்துங்கள நன்றி

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