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About Bathukamma Festival History Pooja Story Telangana State

Know the latest details about the About Bathukamma Festival History Pooja Story Telangana State, Bathukamma Festival Story Telugu

Festivals have a special place in the country of India where culture and traditions are very important. But among those festivals, the unique Bathukamma festival, which is celebrated only in Telangana, shows the heritage of this place to the world. On Ashvayuja Amavasya, Durgashtami ends with Bathukamma Saddula Bathukamma, which is piled up with flowers that are not picked and used in the name of Engili Pulu. Collecting every flower available in nature and making batukammas, placing them in houses, streets and temples and walking around them singing songs and playing games gives great joy.

Women and girls of all ages play bathukamma around the bathukamma, which is decorated with yellow gouramma, thinking that it is the goddess Gauri, with the yellow color of the gourd flowers. Songs sung using Vanta words like Tummeda, Ramachiluka, Rachagummadi, Chelia, Uyyala, Kol, Varalo, Koila, Sandamama will enthrall everyone.

ts specialty is that one woman sings the song while the rest sing in turn. But in these Bathukamma songs, from Puran and epic stories to the stories of Telangana heroes, they sing the topics of the present day in the form of songs. Sattu (pastry dishes) made of wheat, pesal, rice, millets, etc. are accepted as prasad.

About Bathukamma Festival History Pooja Story Telangana State

The months of September and October are the months of festivals for the people of Telangana. Two major festivals are celebrated during these months. At least fifteen days of these festivals are filled with festive celebrations, family gatherings and gatherings. One of these festivals is the Bathukamma festival and the other is Dasara (Victory Dashami). But Bathukamma festival is a special festival only for Telangana. Telangana cultural symbol festival.

Bathukamma festival is a big festival to worship nature. The Bathukamma festival comes at a time when the flowers are in full bloom, when the water resources are overflowing, and it is celebrated to celebrate the human connection with the earth, the water, and the earth. Women immerse the “Boddemma” (a clay figurine of Goddess Durga) along with Bathukamma throughout the week of this celebration.

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