Srinivasa Mangapuram History Tirupati Legend Temple Pooja

Know the details about the Srinivasa Mangapuram History Tirupati Legend Temple Pooja, Srinivasa Mangapuram Kalyana Venkateswara Swamy

This place is called Srinivasa Mangapuram as it is the land where Srinivasa wandered after his marriage with Ammavari. The temple was restored in the 16th century by Tallapaka Chinathirumalaya, the grandson of Tallapaka Annamacharya. Mostly unmarried people come to this field along with their parents and perform Kalyanotsavam.

In the end, it is the belief of the devotees that those who wear the “Kalyanakakannam” given by the priests will get married soon. That’s why many young people perform Kalyanotsava along with their parents in this temple every day. Those who cannot go to Tirumala Kshetra visit the Lord here. All the arjita sevas that are performed for Sri Vira in Tirumala are also performed here.

Srinivasa Mangapuram History Tirupati Legend Temple Pooja

Devotees feel that it is a great blessing to have the darshan of Srinivasa for a moment in Tirumala even after enduring many hardships and waiting for days. Those who are unable to visit the Liptapatha can visit the Lord here and get satisfaction. Close to this field are the steps where Srinivasa walked to Tirumala Hill. One of the four types of idols namely Yoga, Bhogam, Veeram and Abhicharika is enshrined in Vaishnavisms.

But since Tirumala Srivenkateswara is Swayambhu, Srinivasa is impervious to these forms and transcends everything, so his idol is beyond the reach of any science. In Srinivasa Mangapuram, Srinivasa is also an Archavatara form.
Sthalapuranam: After the end of Srinivasa’s Kalyanam in Narayanavanam, Lord Srivenkateswara leaves for Tirumala along with Padmavati. Agastya Maharshi said that married couples should not climb hills or go to shrines for six months, so they stay in Agastya Ashram for six months. At that time, he used to spend most of his time in Srinivasamangapuram, which is situated on the banks of the Kalyani river, near Tirumala hill.

It is said that while going to Tirumala, Lord Srinivasa blessed his devotees twice. It is said that devotees who could not come to Tirumala would have darshan in Srinivasamangapuram in the form of an archavatara, and it is said that he blessed those who visited this shrine, where he stayed immediately after the incarnation of Padmavati Devi, and blessed the unmarried with good fortune.
The height of the Kalyana Venkateswara Swamy Moolavirattu in the temple here is nine feet, one step higher than the Moolavirata on Tirumala hill. Swami appears with solemn solemnity.

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