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Best Places To Stay In Hampi Hippie Island Booking Rules

Know the details about the Best Places To Stay In Hampi Hippie Island Booking Rules, Best Places To Stay In Hampi Hippie Island Timings

Best Places to Stay on Hampi Hippie Island

Hampi Hippie Island, also known as Virupapur Gaddi, is a popular spot among travelers seeking a laid-back vibe amidst stunning landscapes. This island offers an array of accommodation options ranging from budget hostels to mid-range guesthouses. Here’s a comprehensive guide to the best places to stay on Hampi Hippie Island.

Best Places To Stay In Hampi Hippie Island Booking Rules

Top Places to Stay

1. Goan Corner

Booking Procedure: Call or book online via major booking platforms
Rent: INR 500 – 1500 per night
Facilities: Wi-Fi, restaurant, laundry services, bike rentals
Rules: No loud noise after 10 PM, check-in at 12 PM, check-out at 11 AM

Goan Corner is famous for its relaxed atmosphere and close proximity to climbing spots. The rooms are basic but clean, and the open-air restaurant serves delicious food. It’s the perfect place for budget travelers and rock-climbers.

2. Shanti Guesthouse

Booking Procedure: Book online or walk-in
Rent: INR 1000 – 3000 per night
Facilities: Wi-Fi, restaurant, yoga sessions, bike rental
Rules: Check-in at 12 PM, check-out at 11 AM, no smoking in rooms

Shanti Guesthouse offers cottages with stunning views of paddy fields. The tranquil environment is ideal for relaxation. The in-house restaurant provides a variety of cuisines, and the guesthouse often hosts yoga sessions.

3. Mowgli Guesthouse

Booking Procedure: Book via phone or online
Rent: INR 800 – 2500 per night
Facilities: Restaurant, lounge area, free Wi-Fi, garden
Rules: Pets allowed, check-in at 12 PM, check-out at 11 AM

Mowgli Guesthouse, named after the Jungle Book character, offers charming bungalows and a beautiful garden. The restaurant serves Indian and continental dishes, and the lounge area is perfect for mingling with other travelers.

4. Nargila Guesthouse

Booking Procedure: Online booking or direct call
Rent: INR 700 – 2000 per night
Facilities: Wi-Fi, restaurant, bar, free parking
Rules: No loud music, check-in at 1 PM, check-out at 11 AM

Nargila Guesthouse offers comfortable rooms and a vibrant bar. The staff is friendly, and the guesthouse organizes various activities such as movie nights and guided tours. It’s a great place for solo travelers and groups.

5. Sunny Guesthouse

Booking Procedure: Walk-in or book online
Rent: INR 600 – 1500 per night
Facilities: Wi-Fi, restaurant, library, garden
Rules: Check-in at 12 PM, check-out at 11 AM, no alcohol in common areas

Sunny Guesthouse is known for its cozy ambiance and warm hospitality. The guesthouse features a lovely garden and a library. The on-site restaurant serves home-cooked meals, making it feel like a home away from home.

Things to Know

  • Best Time to Visit: October to February for pleasant weather.
  • Transportation: Rent a bike or take ferries across the Tungabhadra River.
  • Local Cuisine: Try local delicacies like dosa, idli, and coconut curry.
  • Activities: Rock climbing, cycling, yoga, and exploring nearby ruins.
  • Booking Tips: Book in advance during peak season to ensure availability.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I get to Hampi Hippie Island?

You can take a ferry from Hampi to cross the Tungabhadra River. Taxis and auto-rickshaws are also available from Hospet.

2. Are these guesthouses family-friendly?

Yes, most guesthouses cater to families with children. It’s best to confirm specific needs while booking.

3. Can I find vegetarian food easily?

Yes, all guesthouses offer vegetarian options, along with a variety of other cuisines.

4. Is it safe to travel alone?

Hampi Hippie Island is generally safe for solo travelers. Always be cautious and aware of your surroundings.

5. Do these places accept card payments?

Some guesthouses accept card payments, but it’s advisable to carry cash as well, especially for smaller expenses.

Hampi Hippie Island offers a range of accommodations catering to different budgets and preferences. From the vibrant Goan Corner to the serene Sunny Guesthouse, each spot provides a unique experience. Whether you are a solo traveler, a couple, or a family, Hampi Hippie Island has something to offer for everyone.

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