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Dasara Navaratri Naivedyam Prasadam List for Nine 9 Days Telugu

Know the latest details about the Dasara Navaratri Naivedyam Prasadam List for Nine 9 Days Telugu, Dasara Festival Prasadam List for Durga

Sharannavaratras are the days when the new incarnations of Lord Jagan are worshipped with the greatest devotion. Parameshwari is worshipped in nine forms from Ashvayuja Suddha Padyami to Navami. Puranas say that Ammavari Aswayuja fought a war in different forms from Padyami to killing Mahishasura. Not only that. Goddess Shaktiswarupini Mata is given more priority than Brahma, Vishnu and Maheshwar in the Bhagavata. Gaining power is essential for success.

The Mahatmyakhandam in the ‘Tripurara Essay’ clearly explains the uniqueness of Shakti Upasana. The Sarvamangala name applied to Tripura also appears in Saptashati, Lalitatrisathi and Lalita Sahasranama. She is the Goddess Durga depicted in the Tripura mystery. Goddess Navratri is the festival of Goddess Durga.

During the Navratri festival, Goddesses are decorated in different forms and offerings are also offered to each dish.

Dasara Navaratri Naivedyam Prasadam List for Nine 9 Days Telugu

  1. First day- Ammavaru appears in Shailaputri adornment. Firewood Pongal is offered as an offering to Goddess Durga. And according to Srisaila tradition, Kadambam (Sambaru rice), Minapavadalu, Ravva Kesari, Panakam.
  2. Second day- Amma Bala Tripura Sundari means Brahmacharin graces the devotees in her adornment. Pulihora is offered as an offering.
  3. On the third day- Chandraghanta is decorated in the form of Gayatri Devi. Coconut rice and payasam are offered as offerings.
  4. On the fourth day- Minapa gare and corn fritters are also offered to Para Shakti who blesses the devotees in the form of Annapurna Devi.
  5. On the fifth day- Goddess Lalita will be seen dressed as Amma. Daddyojanam is offered as an offering.
  6. The sixth day- Decorated as Mahalakshmi. Kesari is reported as an offering.
  7. Seventh-day- Goddess Jagan appears in the form of Saraswati. Paramannam and ginger are offered as offerings.
  8. On the eighth day- Goddess Durga is decorated. Sakannam or kalagura soup is offered as an offering.
  9. On the ninth day- Goddess is decorated as Mahishasuramardini. Chakrapongali and Chakkara Pongal are offered with Rava as an offering.
  10. On the tenth day- Srirajarajeshwari is decorated as Goddess. Semya Payasam, Coconut Payasam, Cobbarannam and Paramannam are offered as offerings.

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