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Tiruvannamalai Camping Locations List Timings Permissions

Know the details about the Tiruvannamalai Camping Locations List Timings Permissions, Tiruvannamalai Camping Locations Permissions Required

Discover the Best Camping Locations in Tiruvannamalai


Tiruvannamalai, a spiritual hub in Tamil Nadu, offers more than just temples and pilgrimages. If you love nature and adventure, camping in Tiruvannamalai is an experience you should not miss. This guide covers the best camping locations in Tiruvannamalai, including timings, routes, permissions required, and essential things to know.

Tiruvannamalai Camping Locations List Timings Permissions

Top Camping Locations in Tiruvannamalai

1. Arunachala Hill Base Camp


Arunachala Hill is the most iconic landmark in Tiruvannamalai. The base camp is a popular spot for campers looking to enjoy the serene beauty of the hill.


Camping is allowed throughout the day and night. It’s advisable to set up your camp before sunset.


Located at the base of Arunachala Hill, near the Annamalaiyar Temple.


The hill is considered sacred by devotees of Lord Shiva. Camping here provides a unique blend of spiritual energy and natural beauty.


  1. Start from the Annamalaiyar Temple.
  2. Walk toward the base of Arunachala Hill, following the well-marked paths.
  3. Choose a flat area suitable for setting up your tent.

Permissions Required

No special permissions are required for camping at the base of Arunachala Hill. However, it’s always good to inform local authorities or temple officials.

2. Parvathamalai Hills


Parvathamalai Hills offer a more adventurous camping experience. Located about 30 km from Tiruvannamalai, the hills are known for their challenging terrain and breathtaking views.


Best to start your trek early in the morning and set up camp before nightfall.


Near Thenmathimangalam village, 30 km from Tiruvannamalai.


The hills are home to ancient shrines and are considered sacred by locals. Camping here provides both adventure and a spiritual experience.


  1. Begin your journey at Thenmathimangalam village.
  2. Follow the trail marked with signboards.
  3. After a 4-5 hour trek, choose a flat area to set up your camp.

Permissions Required

You will need permission from local forest authorities. It’s advisable to get this ahead of your trip.

3. Gingee Fort


Gingee Fort, located about 37 km from Tiruvannamalai, offers a historical backdrop for camping. The fort complex is vast and provides numerous spots for setting up camp.


Open from sunrise to sunset. Overnight camping is allowed with prior permission.


Located in Gingee, about 37 km from Tiruvannamalai.


The fort is a protected monument and is rich in history. Camping here gives you a mix of historical exploration and natural beauty.


  1. Start from Tiruvannamalai and drive to Gingee.
  2. Enter the fort complex and choose a suitable spot for camping.
  3. Ensure you follow guidelines provided by the authorities.

Permissions Required

Permission from the Archaeological Survey of India (ASI) is required for overnight camping.

Things to Know Before You Go

  • Footwear: Wear sturdy hiking boots or shoes.
  • Water: Carry enough water to last through your camping trip.
  • Weather: Check the weather forecast before heading out.
  • Safety: Always camp in groups for safety.
  • Respect: Maintain the sanctity of the place and avoid littering.

FAQs About Camping in Tiruvannamalai

Q: Are there any entry fees for camping locations?

A: No, there are no entry fees, but some locations require prior permissions.

Q: What should I carry for camping?

A: Water, food, a first-aid kit, flashlight, and camping gear.

Q: Is it safe to camp alone?

A: It’s advisable to camp in groups or with a guide.

Q: Can we make campfires at these locations?

A: Campfires are allowed but ensure you follow safety guidelines and extinguish the fire completely before leaving.

Q: Are there guided camping tours available?

A: Yes, local guides offer camping tours and can assist with permits.

Camping in Tiruvannamalai offers a unique blend of adventure, nature, and spirituality. Whether you choose the serene base of Arunachala Hill, the adventurous Parvathamalai Hills, or the historic Gingee Fort, you’re in for an enriching experience. Plan your trip, secure necessary permissions, and embark on a memorable camping adventure in Tiruvannamalai.

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