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Karthika Somavaram Pooja Vidhanam Telugu PDF Upavasam

Know the latest details about the Karthika Somavaram Pooja Vidhanam Telugu PDF Upavasam, Karthika Somavaram Pooja Upavasam Process Pooja Vidhi

It is said that there is no other god that can compare to Lord Vishnu, no other river that can compare to Ganga, and no other month that can compare to Kartikamasa. For Shiva Keshavas, the month of Kartika is considered to be the most auspicious. Spiritually of the highest holiness and splendour. During the month of Kartik, beginning with Shuklapaksha padyami and continuing through full moon, a number of rituals are carried out.

The Balipadyami festival, which takes place on the first day of Kartika, and the Bhaganihasta supper, which takes place on Vidiyanadu, are both considered spiritually significant. If you conduct Dipadanam during the month of Kartik, you will get beneficial outcomes. During this month, the greatest time to take a dip in a river is before daybreak.

Karthika Somavaram Pooja Vidhanam Telugu PDF Upavasam

The Karthika Somavaram Pooja is very important during these months. The Karthika Somavaram Pooja can be done on all Mondays in the Karthika months. Below is the procedure of the Karthika Somavaram Pooja Vidhanam. For the Telugu version Download the PDF below

  • During the month of Kartika, it is essential to take a bath in warm water in order to alleviate mental and physical diseases and to bestow longevity upon oneself. A Hamsodaka bath can help alleviate the irritations caused by bile. Taking a plunge in the river before sunrise is said to be therapeutic for those suffering from abdominal conditions.
  • If you sing Srihari kirtans in the month of Kartikam before sunrise in the presence of Lord Vishnu, you will get the result of a thousand cows. If you play an instrument, you will get the result of Vahapeya Yajnaphal. If you dance, you will get the result of Sarvatirtha bath.
  • Upavasam: On Kartika Somavaram, spend the entire day fasting, offer Abhisheka to Lord Shiva in the evening, and conduct Tulsi Tirtha after completing Nakshatra darshan. Fasting is an important part of the Kartika festival.

On Kartika Monday, a donation of sesame seeds is sufficient for individuals who are not even familiar with the terms mantra and japavidhu.

Performing any of the aforementioned actions is equivalent to performing the Somavaram vrata. Great devotion to Lord Shiva is symbolised by the month of Kartika, which was given its name in honour of Kumaraswamy because of the increase in good deeds he performed. Only Moon can drain Garalakanthu’s tamogunam nature. Therefore, Karthika Somavaram Pooja holds a unique significance in Kartikam.

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