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Athi Varadar Sahasranama Rs. 500 Darshan

Athi Varadar Darshan

Lord Sri Athi Varadar who is also known as Lord Sri Athi Varadaraja who is worshiped in the form of an idol made with a fig tree resides in the tank (Pushkarini) for 40 years. For every 40 years the idol will be raised and then worshiped for 48 days and will be immersed again in to the tank which is available in the premises of the temple of Varadaraja Perumal in Kanchipuram, Tamilnadu.

This events which occurs for every 40 years in occurring now in 2019 which starts from 1st July 2019 to 17 th August 2019 which is the last date. The temple town is being thronged by lakhs of pilgrims every day and as of now the official authorities has estimitated more than 1 lakh devotees visiting the temple every day.

Authorities have made vast arrangement for pilgrims to have a good darshan of the lord. There are various types of Darshan to visit Lord Sri Athi Varadar which are as below.

Out of all the Darshan types which is above the Rs. 500 Darshan which is Sahasranama Archana is most famous due to the fast que movement and also some time can be spent near the Idol by the pilgrims.

Athi Varadar Sahasranama Rs. 500 Darshan

This Darshan is available to book online and also at the temple to book by the pilgrims. At the temple, the tickets can be purchased from the counters which is at the East Gopuram. Again the tickets are very limited either online or offline. The pilgrims who purchases the Sahasranama Archana can finish the Darshan in 2-3 hours based on the crowd and an Archana seva is performed in the name of the pilgrim at the idol during the time of Darshan which gives some time for the pilgrim to spend at the Lord.

Athi Varadar Sahasranama Rs. 500 Darshan Online Booking Procedure

The Sahasranama Archana ticket can be brought online at the https://tnhrce.gov.in/ website. Once a pilgrim login in to the Website, you can see the Sahasranama Archana Booking. But before booking for the Seva, once has note down below points.

  • Sahasranama Archanai Tickets cannot be booked for Saturdays and Sundays.
  • Booking opens at 10:00 AM (4 days in advance of any date)
  • Total Allowed Tickets : 500 per day
  • Sahasranama Archanai Tickets cannot be booked for Saturdays and Sundays.




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