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Athi Varadar Senior Citizen Darshan

Athi Varadar Darshan

In the 40 year once festival of rising Athi Varadar, lakhs of pilgrims are visiting Kanchi to have a glimpse of Athi Varadar. The Government and the temple authorities has made an extensive arrangements for the festival. But as there are more than 1 lakh pilgrims, it is evident that the authorities will not be able to handle such a huge crowd as it is not anticipated. The authorities has made arrangements for Pilgrims to have Darshan in many ways. The types of Darshan are Rs. 50 Darshan, Rs. 500 Darshan. Rs. 300 Darshan and Free Darshan.

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Athi Varadar Darshan for Senior Citizen

For the Senior Citizens who are above 60 years of age, the authorities have arranged a special que and also battery cars from the nearby Parking lots and Bus Stations. The pilgrims who are Senior citizens aged above 60 year can access battery cars from the lots near the temple and can reach the Special Ques to for them at the temple. The Senior citizen Darshan is opened through out the day.

The Special Ques for Senior citizens are allowed through the East Gopuram. Once the pilgrims reaches the temple, they can access the special que by displaying their Aadhar card or any age proof to the authorities. No one is allowed along with Senior Citizens in to the que. Once the Darshan is finished the Senior citizens can reach back to the entrance of the temple and access the battery cars to reach the drop points.

Athi Varadar Darshan for Senior Citizen Darshan Waiting Time

Based on the crowd of any particular day, the Senior citizen Darshan will take 2-4 hours. This may depend on the timing of the Darshan and also crowd on that particular date. The authorities has also made arrangement for the Senior citizens to sit in the waiting ques instead of standing.

Athi Varadar Darshan for Senior Citizen Darshan Online Booking

Please be noted, the Senior Citizen Darshan is free of cost and there is no ticket for this and hence it cannot be booked online. The Senior citizen Darshan can be only accessed if pilgrims is available at the spot in person.

Note to Senior Citizens

As the crowd for the temple is more than anticipated, it is suggested to people who are more age and weak, has health ailments, cannot withstand crowd and suffocation to not plan for the visit of the temple as the situation cannot be predicted.




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