Athi Varadar Rs. 300 Special Darshan

Athi Varadar Darshan

To make sure, all the pilgrims get the Darshan of Athi Varadar and also to control the crowd the authorities are striving continuously and are providing maximum solutions to control the crowd visiting Kanchipuram Daily. The authorities estimate that more than 1 lakh pilgrims are visiting the Athi Varadar temple daily from the 1st July. Also, it is estimated that this crowd will continue as same in further days until end of the event day which is on 17 August 2019.

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Athi Varadar Rs. 300 Special Darshan

In an attempt to control the crowd visiting the temple and also to make sure all pilgrims visit the Lord, the authorities already has introduced some types of Darshan like Rs. 50 Special Darshan which can booked at the spot, Rs. 500 Sahasranama Darshan which can be booked online. Now in the same way, the authorities have introduced a new darshan types which is Rs. 30o Darshan which can booked online.

Athi Varadar Rs. 300 Darshan Online Booking

The Rs, 300 Darshan ticket can be booked at the official website which is only. Once a pilgrims login in to the website, you can see the Athi Varadar Special Darshan. Pilgrim can change the website language to English from the option which is on the right corner.

Once you click the Special Darshan online booking, the website will take you to a page where you can fill all the pilgrims who wants to have Darshan.

  • Booking opens for all days at 11:00 AM for next four days.
  • Only 1500 tickets are allowed per day and the Darshan timings are 6:00 PM – 09:30 PM
  • e-Ticket can be downloaded from e-Payment Verification option in the same page

1) It is possible to book for only 4 Pilgrims at one time.
2) For Children below 12 Years age the Darshan is free
3) Keep the Name, Sex, Age and Aadhaar number of all 4 individuals ready.
4) If the amount is paid successfully but did not get the e-Ticket then it is possible to get the e-Ticket through Verify epayment option that is available in the Booking page itself. Verify the ticket through verification.
5) If online payment has been unsuccessful for a particular Aadhaar number, through ‘ePayment – Verify’ option the Devotee needs to Verify the earlier transactions with Bank site by selection of option and then try to proceed to book the e-ticket for the particular Aadhaar number.
6)It may be noted that for one Aadhaar number, only one booking is allowed. If on Verify the status returned Failure, booking for the same Aadhaar number can be made.

7) The ePayment – Verify option should not be used for fresh booking.

Once booking is completed, the pilgrims can take a Hard copy printout of the ticket and can report at the East Gopuram of the temple with the copies of the Aadhar card.

Athi Varadar Rs. 300 Darshan Waiting Time

It is expected the waiting time for the Rs. 300 Darshan is 3-4 hours based on the crowd on that particular date and also based on the other situations

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